Meccano Dinky No.693 7.2-inch Howitzer


Produced by Dinky from 1958 to 1967, I picked up this rough looking Dinky 7.2″ Howitzer for $1 at the Salvation Army Shop,  it had no towing eye, no elevating Wheel and no tyres and was painted in a thick coat of black Glossy Paint.

I stripped the old paint off, replaced the elevation wheel with a part salvaged off another dinky, constructed a new towing eye, repainted it in Tamiya Olive Green and fitted with new tyres. Not a perfect restoration but not to bad for my first effort.

7.2 How both



7.2 How old 27.2 How old 37.2 How old 47.2 How old 57.2 How old


7.2 How 27.2 How 37.2 How 47.2 How

Copyright © Robert McKie 2017


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